Packages & Payment Schemes We Offer

In order to reach out to more people with our quality products. We have easy payment schemes. In order to improve the quality of life of the people of our country, we introduced a variety of easy payment schemes to our clients. This is available in different forms for the convenience of our clients as well their budget. These facilities are made available just for you where incase if it is to be done on your own it is to be done on your expense of quality time and money.

About us

We build houses on your land anywhere in Sri Lanka to suit your budget and requirement. Vajira House celebrates its 101 year building remarkable homes and creating a memorable experience for the home owners. The strength of our company is the resilient and dynamic staff that gives their best to complete the tasks given and exceed the customer expectation.


  • Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd, No: 23, Deal Place A, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
  • +94 718 688 260 / +94 711 125 146 / +94 710 121 184
  • +94 11-2577192 / +94 11-2577191
  • Fax: +94 11-2577191

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