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Please contact our overseas manager to get any clarification & details of the procedures, special benefits & previlages regarding these houses 0094718688260 (24 hours service) {e- mail: tyrone@vajirahouse.net }

Special benefits for expatriates without coming to Sri Lanka

  1. To sign the agreement we can send the necessary documents to your country through DHL courier service.
  2. The construction of your house will be monitored by our Engineers from the time of laying the foundation stone up to completion of the construction.
  3. Including the building plan all necessary approvals of the local authority will be obtained free of charge.
  4. We provide assistance in terms of arranging all the necessary documents such as local authority approvals, street line certificates, title report , non vesting certificates, in order to obtain a bank loan from local banks.
  5. After the completion of each stage of the construction you will receive the pictures via e-mail.
  6. When you arrive in Sri Lanka the house will be ready for occupation and keys will be handed over to you.
  7. We give a lifetime guarantee for the houses.

About us

We build houses on your land anywhere in Sri Lanka to suit your budget and requirement. Vajira House celebrates its 101 year building remarkable homes and creating a memorable experience for the home owners. The strength of our company is the resilient and dynamic staff that gives their best to complete the tasks given and exceed the customer expectation.


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