Drawbacks of purchasing an already built house

    1. If the house you buy is not designed and built according to Vastu it will affect many perspectives of wealth health and peace of the individuals living in the house. A person rises and prospers in wealth the moment the house owner enters the house with Vastu Sasthra. A house is considered worthless and bad if the inmates become bankrupt and jobloss. They go under anxiety, depression, and chronic diseases while they have to bear financial losses, blocks to creativity and obstacles to progress and succeed. Followed by disharmony in relationships and anti social behavior.


    1. 1. The structure of the house might not fit your requirements causing unhappiness and distress.
    1. 2. Cost of restructuring the house according to your requirements would be an additional expense.
    1. 3. Life time of the house will be reduced incase it has been occupied by previous owners as they don’t give any guarantees.
    1. 4. You will have to pay stamp duty the house value and the land value. Also the income tax which will be a continuous payment.

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