As one of the leading construction companies who provides houses to the nation, we provide the following services to our customer.This includes locals as well as Sri Lankans who are working aboard. Through years of experience of being in the field we are aware that most of the clients, who wish to build houses, apartments, commercial buildings, hotels and factories etc… look for loan facilities from financial institutions. In the event they proceed with such loans they face many difficulties in terms of delays and obstacles in obtaining required documents from various departments/ authorities. This required documentation procedure will be handled by our staff free of charge for our Customers.
Following free services and construction will be done for Customers who obtain loans from Banks.

  1. Free specialist consultation from our Chartered Architects and Chartered Engineers so that the house will be designed according to your exact requirement and budget.
  2. Interior 3D designs will be given free of charge.
  3. Municipal council approvals will be done free of charge.
  4. Survey Plan approvals will be done free of charge.
  5. ATD transfer is done free of charge.
  6. Street line and non-vesting certificates will be obtained free of charge.
  7. Water and drainage clearance will be obtained free of charge.
  8. Deed and Title checking will be done free of charge.
  9. Deed extracts will be obtained free of charge.
  10. Pedigree report will be obtained free of charge.
  11. Ownership certificate will be provided free of charge.
  12. Bill of Quantity will be provided free of charge.
  13. Title report will be provided free of charge.
  14. Deed extracts for the last 35 years from the registered office will be provided free of charge.
  15. Profits can be earned by building a house with us and reselling it at a higher price with a profit to the buyers that Vajira House will find for you free of charge.
  16. A LIFE TIME GUARANTEE will be given for the structure of the house and once the construction is completed the Certificate of confirmation will be provided free of charge.
  17. This service is available anywhere in Sri Lanka from Jaffna to Katharagama. The newly built house can be occupied with no hassle.
  18. 24 hours service available 0718688260, 0710121184, 0711125146.

All of the above services will be provided free charge to all customers who will build a Super luxury house from Vajira House Builders with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE

About us

We build houses on your land anywhere in Sri Lanka to suit your budget and requirement. Vajira House celebrates its 101 year building remarkable homes and creating a memorable experience for the home owners. The strength of our company is the resilient and dynamic staff that gives their best to complete the tasks given and exceed the customer expectation.


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