Buy a land and build a Duty Free house from Jaffna to Katharagama to save in millions !!!

Find a land at a reasonable price from anywhere in Sri Lanka and build your own Duty Free House with a Life time Guarantee.We provide the service of locating available lands to our customers according to budget and choice of location. Our land officers will find the suitable land plot to build your duty free dream house with us. Our land bank officers will provide necessary services to the client to purchase lands without wasting valued time or money. Secure great savings for any individual intending buy a land and build a house without paying unnecessary amounts on tax. Visit us to obtain land details, house designs and videos free of charge.

Chartered Architects, Interior designers, 3D developers, Chartered Engineers and the
Engineering Operational team from Jaffna to Katharagama

Following are the great benefits of buying a land from us and building your dream house.

01) The ability of getting the house designed by a Chartered Architect free of charge including interior and 3D elevations.

02) The possibility to incorporate latest ideas & trends to the home design and construction.

03) Professional consultation on how to construct within a stipulated budget.

04) Construction is totally hassle free.

05) Offering of a “Life Time Guarantee” for the construction.

06) Value of the project is fixed and does not vary with the inflation.

07) Construction will be completed within a stipulated time frame.

08) Construction supervision will be done by Professional Engineers in the field.

09) Possibility of getting the house constructed while residing overseas.

10) Possibility of having a guaranteed appreciated market value for the built house.

11) While registering for your land select your super luxury House from our vast range of beautiful housing designs.

12) Free transport given from Vajira House vehicles to visit potential lands.

13) Ability to select the best suited land with trustworthy, friendly and professional staff.

14) Obtaining of necessary approvals without any extra costs (free of charge)

Disadvantages of buying built and used houses

01) No life time guarantee for the house that you live in.

02) A high-cost stamp duty will have to be paid at point of purchase.

03) Costly legal expenditure will have to be incurred.

04) The design and the construction of the house is done according to previous owners necessities which may not suit your requirements.

05) Extra costs involved when purchasing a completed house as there won’t be duty free concepts involved.

06) There will be no structural guarantee for the house that you buy.

07) In the event you require financing in terms of a bank loans or during the sale of the house the council approvals which are taken from the company will be with you with clear details as opposed to the documents that are available with the previous owner of the readymade house that you would purchase.

About us

We build houses on your land anywhere in Sri Lanka to suit your budget and requirement. Vajira House celebrates its 101 year building remarkable homes and creating a memorable experience for the home owners. The strength of our company is the resilient and dynamic staff that gives their best to complete the tasks given and exceed the customer expectation.


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